SCOPE is an approved sponsor of Continuing Teacher and Leader Education (CTLE).

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Interim Employment Registry Program

For more than a decade, SCOPE Education Services has served Long Island school districts by providing a registry of talented and experienced retired administrators and supervisors to fill interim assignments.

Program Overview

Interim needs usually exist in school districts due to administrators changing school districts, promotions within districts, sudden resignations and retirements, or long-term illnesses. Filling a temporary vacancy with an interim will allow the district to have time to conduct a complete and thorough search. by utilizing SCOPE's Registry, school districts are able to employ experienced and qualified personnel to help fill their immediate staffing needs.

Interim Registry is a free electronic service offered to SCOPE member districts only.  The program is referral-based, which will allow you to have the benefit of receiving a full list and resumes of all registrants to choose from within 72 hours of your request.  It is understood that SCOPE is a referral agency and not an employer of interim personnel.

For Further Information Contact:

Patricia Walsh
Assistant Director for Management Services
(631) 360-0800 ext. 163